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   19th in the 2016 EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 (300 miles) Race with pigeon NR-16-2414
Number of lofts : 157              Number of birds shipped : 660
    1st from 100 miles in the  2016 OLYMPIC MULTI LOFT RACE CALGARY with pigeon  CU-16-2427 bred by Jason Mihalec and handled by BREAKAWAY LOFT - Nassir Faqiryar
     4th in the  2015 EMPIRE CLASSIC 500(300 miles) Race with pigeon CU-15-4614
  Number of lofts : 133             Number of birds shipped : 593
     2nd  in the 2014 EMPIRE CLASSIC SPRINT AVERAGE with pigeon CU-14-7607
     ACE Pigeon and first pigeon on the second Sprint to win race at CANUCK CLASSIC DERBY in 2012
    11th on the 2012 EMPIRE CLASSIC DERBY(300 miles) in West Coast Syndicate with Pigeon  CU-12-911 bred by Jason Mihalec
Number of lofts : 117             Number of birds shipped : 428
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